Sharepoint Design & Implementation

Tired of being unable to track document revisions in the office? Are proposals, reports or transactional documents going out to clients or stakeholders without an approval process in place? Are you concerned about the security or compliance surrounding your information?

SharePoint is your answer.

Microsoft SharePoint or SharePoint Online is now the standard choice for millions of organisations looking to collaborate and complete projects from a single platform.

Still a bit unsure how SharePoint helps you streamline your business? Watch this video.


Document Management

Shared Drives and folders are dead. It’s all too easy to misplace or rename files when there are no controls over how important documents are shared.

Before long, you end up with confusing and ultimately useless drives full of redundant, duplicated shared work.

Microsoft SharePoint gives you the tools to easily create special web sites for projects or departments allowing team members to add, edit, and manage group files. Access can be granted, denied or limited so only relevant groups or departments have access to pertinent files.

Team Collaboration

It’s hard enough for team members to interact when they’re separated by one floor. What about when there are separate offices? SharePoint gives your employees the ability to establish Document Workspaces, where team members can edit each other’s contributions, chat in an offline discussion board and share meeting calendars.

With SharePoint, conference calls and confusing mass e-mails are a thing of the past.

Business Automation

SharePoint has the power to create intelligent workflows to perform many menial tasks without your help, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your job.

For example, you can use a workflow to overhaul your document approval process. After you designate a few simple workflow commands, SharePoint will automatically send the file and an e-mail to approvers notifying them of their task. Once the approvers sign off on the file, SharePoint will send a notification e-mail back to you.

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