Managed Services

Server management.

  •  Core IT Infrastructure Maintenance
  •  Downtime Notifications
  •  Uptime Reports
  •  Security Policy reviews
  •  Server and services optimisation
  •  24/7/365 monitoring and support
  •  Server, laptop and workstation backup and restoration
  •  Disaster recovery
  •  Software support
  •  Priority service desk support
  •  Bi-annual IT review
  •  Antivirus monitoring and review
  •  System architecture design

Workstation management


We update workstations with Microsoft critical updates and patches, and verify your workstation anti-virus software is running correctly.

Disaster recovery


We monitor tape backup logs for previous run successes/failures, and report failures with appropriate action to be taken. We also check online backup configuration against user file storage locations and check quality of backup media, suggesting replacement media at appropriate intervals. Visit our disaster recovery plans page to learn more.

IT security / network management


We implement the force rotation/expiry of passwords for all network users, account disabling on multiple login failures, and generate alerts when there have been too many external login attempts. IT security is sometimes referred to as cyber security.

We believe our customers should focus on their core business, not IT headaches.

Innov8ive Technology are helping hundreds of Perth and Western Australian businesses do just that by providing a “Virtual IT Department” service that Monitors, Maintains and Manages their IT Assets including Servers, PC’s, Mac’s, Tablets and Printers.

Proactive support of your IT network helps predict and prevent most server and network issues before they impact your network uptime and the productivity of you and your staff.

This not only minimizes disruptions to your workflow but also increases the overall speed and performance of your network infrastructure.

Cost Benefits

In addition to minimizing network downtime and maximizing user productivity, two of the major advantages of a proactive approach to IT Support for your company include providing better value and stabilising the cost of the service, which allows easier, more accurate budgeting of on-going IT expenses.

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